Small Business Storage

Published on 11/12/2018

The number of self-employed individuals grows daily. Asheville is known for everyone having two and three jobs along with side hustles. Many find the business that started small, begins to hurt for space as that business succeeds. Growth is a good thing! Finding room for your business’s growth can be tricky, however. Your family might want its garage back!


Lark Self Storage in Asheville, NC is a great solution for your storage needs. Locally owned and operated, this brand new self storage facility boasts fencing with 24-hour surveillance and a convenient location on New Leicester Hwy just two miles from Patton Avenue.


Customizable storage units, face-to-face first time meeting with one of the owners, and security all lend to the best storage space experience available. All business can be conducted online and making your transactions as easy as possible is one of our main concerns.


Whether you are searching for space to store lumber, tools, or supplies for painters, plumbers, roofers, handymen, contractors, landscapers, or hobbyists clean, secure storage units in a convenient location helps you find the space you need to continue your business’s growth.