Benefits of Renting Self-Storage While Moving

Published on 5/27/2021

Benefits of Renting Self-Storage While Moving

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When the time comes to move to a new home, many things need your attention. There's a reason people consider moving to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. One of the main concerns is what to do with your possessions while relocating to a new home. For this reason, we consider the 6 most important benefits of renting self-storage while moving.

When is the best time to rent self-storage?

You'll want to rent a storage unit in advance, well before it's time for you to actually move. There are many different types of storage units available. Take your time finding the best solution for your needs. If you rent something that is close to your home, it will be easy to access the storage frequently. Renting in advance helps relieve some of the pressure of the move. You can start by organizing the relocation on time and transfer your items to the storage unit little by little.

Another critical thing to consider is that you can continue renting a unit even after your move. This can be handy if you need to do some repairs or renovations on your new home. Easier organization occurs if your house is free from clutter. Who knows, you might even want to keep the storage unit for your seasonal items. Realistically, how many times a year do you need skis? Extra space always comes in handy, especially if you are downsizing and moving to a smaller home. If, for whatever reason, you have more possessions than you have room for in your house – storage might be your best solution.

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 Storage units can relieve the pressure of the move by offering many benefits.

How self-storage units help you move

Some people love the idea of long-term storage. It's great for holding things you don't need as often, like summer or winter tires or hobby equipment. On the other hand, having access to an additional, short-term storage space while organizing a move can feel like a godsend. By renting a unit, you solve more problems than you could have imagined before the move.

6 Benefits of renting self-storage while moving:

1.    Keeps you organized

Stress from too many boxes and lack of space occurs often. Renting self-storage reduces this stress. However, don't let having a storage unit be an excuse for chaos and disorganization. In order to make the most of the extra space, categorize your storage. Label everything and make lists of what’s going into storage and what the movers will take. When it comes to putting items in storage, it's good to make the most out of the vertical space. Store items and boxes on top of each other. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional.

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 Using a storage unit will help keep you organized.

2.    Start packing early

How much total time do you think you will put into all of the activities related to the move? If you leave everything for a few days before the relocation, you might bite off more than you can chew. Spread out the work across multiple weeks by packing unneeded items early. Moving packed boxes to storage in multiple trips relieves the pressure of doing everything in one weekend.

3.    Keep possessions safe and clean

The importance of keeping your possessions clean cannot be overstated. Moving during the coronavirus pandemic has additional requirements, and you need to keep everything clean and safe. You can place your sanitized items in storage, knowing no one else will handle them. Be sure to take additional measures during the move itself, disinfect your home, and keep sanitizing products handy.

Regardless of COVID-19, look for a clean, dry storage unit. Mold and moisture can wreak havoc on your stored items. Schedule a time to look at the potential unit before you commit to a rental. If you need help choosing the right storage, contact the property manager and ask them for advice.

4.    Helps you declutter

Everyone has many "just in case it comes in handy” items that accumulate and moving to a new home can be a great time to declutter. Separate the possessions you are keeping from the items you are going to get rid of. Of course, getting rid of items takes time, and you can use self-storage as a temporary hideaway while you organize a garage sale. Alternatively, you can store what you want to get rid of for the time being and host a sale or giveaway after your move.

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 Extra storage makes organizing a garage sale easier.

5.    Store valuable and fragile items

During the move, allow professional movers to handle most of the furniture and heavier items. However, some items you will want to take care of yourself. Valuable or fragile pieces require personalized attention. Placing these items in storage before the move ensures their safety.

6.    Unpack at your own pace

Increase your enjoyment of a new place by planning ahead. Deciding where to put boxes on the go will make unpacking take forever. Unpacking while trying to find your way out of a cardboard maze may have sounded fun when you were 12, but the grown-up truth is that overcrowding your home with boxes can be hazardous. Instead, we recommend having a functional home and unpacking at your own pace. Store your seldom used items and only move what’s essential.



Besides the many benefits of renting self-storage while moving, it can also be a good idea to rent storage in advance and start the packing process early. After realizing how good having storage can be, many choose to continue renting after their move. We hope you have enjoyed our tips and make the most out of your rented storage.