To Store or Not to Store...

Published on 12/3/2018
What exactly are storage units good for?

In this age of minimizing, downsizing, and decluttering a self storage unit can be the ideal method to free space in your home while allowing you time to decide which items are treasures and which items would be best for repurposing, selling, or giving away.

•    Maybe you have inherited furniture or china and your home is already full of treasured pieces. You might not be ready to part with the inherited items or you may want to have the time to scout out auction houses or other interested parties.

•    What about those holiday decorations? Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror. It’s time to pull out those Christmas decorations, but the attic or basement is full and trying to fit the skeletons next to the Easter bunnies is causing stress and frustration.

•    Kids grow. That’s a normal part of life. But if there are special clothes, toys, or other items that represent certain stages in their lives, you might want a secure, safe place to keep these items out of the way of everyday life.

•    That little hobby that used to take up just one corner of a room has grown and expanded as you learn and enjoy. But where do you put the tools, supplies, and literature that accompanies this hobby? Many hobbies use certain tools and supplies on a limited basis. Keeping them stored and clean in a brand-new storage unit ensures your hobby remains enjoyable and manageable.

•    Are you like most of us with more than one source of income or a side-hustle? Where do you put the supplies for that decorating, sewing, crafts, floral, catering, lawn service, wood-working, electronics rebuilding, or other venture that allows you to bring in extra income without overwhelming your living space?

•    Congratulations! Kids are grown. It’s time to retire to the cottage in the mountains or by the sea. This is the time to spend with those you care about and enjoy. But oh my goodness you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in your years as a family! Where did all this stuff come from and what do you do with it all? To keep a joyous time as stress-free as possible, maybe it’s best to store some of your treasures until you’re settled in your new home and ready to slowly and conscientiously go through those items.

As with any situation, there are some things that are better left out of a self storage unit. Outdoor units, though insulated, are subject to temperature changes so fragile items such as vinyl records, plants, stamp collections, musical instruments or uninsulated books or comics don’t usually handle the range of temperatures well. Flammables, explosives, or anything affected by heat or cold should be stored elsewhere. And of course, no animals, illegal substances, or office activity.

Self storage facilities fill a growing need as we all diversify our incomes, enjoy our hobbies, and manage our households. Finding the right balance of enjoyment and storage adds quality to our lives and homes. Visit a storage unit near you to explore what a storage unit can bring to your family’s storage needs.