Supporting Local

Published on 4/18/2019
I get it. I'm a consumer of the big box outfits at some time or another myself. The convenience of having a box of something I need to show up on my doorstep has many perks. And why should I worry where the owners of some of the places or things I buy come from or what their business practices are?

In this day and age of extreme electronic connectedness, being able to find things online that I need and want makes an already chock-full life that much easier. But part of my life is research. It's knowing and understanding the power of my spending habits. I don't have a lot of discretionary income but what I do have, I want to use wisely.

So, I don't eat at a lot of chains. I want to spend my eating dollars with someone who lives, works, breathes, and knows the area I live in. I try to frequent local farmer's markets for the quality, care, and healthiness of eating local and in season, as well as reducing my carbon footprint and supporting the hard work of my neighbors. I'm looking for ways to spend less and locally, possibly even vintage or in support of local charities when I buy clothing. I love to drink the local wine, cider, and gose beers my neighboring pubs and breweries. 

I don't always succeed. Sometimes ease, decision fatigue, and stress makes for quick and sometimes poorly researched decisions. I do, however, watch those around me. I have people in my life who humble me with their level of research and attention to detail. I'm working hard to emulate them.

What does all of this have to do with a storage unit? Quite frankly, Lark Self Storage is owned by two people who live, work, eat, drink, and spend dollars locally. We aren't part of larger conglomerates run by equity firms or corporate boards. Our board consists of two people. We live right here and love learning about our neighbors. We spend the time on local community and neighborhood boards, as well as sitting in pubs, restaurants, and music venues, to get to know those around us.

We believe community involvement and participation are our greatest calling. Sure, this might be just a place to store some stuff. But storing your treasures with us means we are interested in you here, today, as individuals. Not as a number in the masses.

Call or go online. We'd love to share our community with you.