What to do with all this STUFF?

Published on 1/3/2019

The holiday rush is over. The relatives have all gone home. The wrapping paper has revealed all the goodies. It’s time to take a breath.


But wait! What are you going to do with that new kayak? How did the space in the closet where you took the decorations out disappear? Where should you put the old stuff you’ve had to move to make room for the new stuff?


We hate to admit it, but the holidays often force us to take a hard look at our storage concerns and needs. But just throwing things out or giving them away isn’t always an option.


Maybe you live in a studio apartment with a shortage of closet space. Maybe you’d like to be able to see all your winter clothes without pushing aside the t-shirt and shorts. Maybe you got brand new bikes, but you don’t have a garage or it’s full of cars and other everyday equipment.


Possible uses for storage units…


·      The backpacking equipment, including the tent, portable stove, and sleeping bags you only use three or four times a year

·      The canoe, kayak, or paddleboard with paddles that won’t be used until the weather warms up

·      Your summer wardrobe and linens

·      Boxes of books

·      Yard and lawn tools that clutter your space when unused during the winter months

·      Holiday decorations

·      Furniture from any rooms you’re in the process of revamping

·      Sports equipment

·      Other infrequently used hobby tools


These are just a few possible ideas in a long list of many.


Why not start the new year with a fresh approach to your daily life with less clutter, more free space, and peace of mind knowing your possessions are secure in a well-lit, fenced, security camera monitored facility?


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