Are You Moving?

Published on 3/8/2019
Moving can be stressful regardless if it's planned or not. Keeping a few notes and good planning makes a world of difference.
  1. Gather packing supplies including boxes, bubble wrap, bins, and tape.
  2. Schedule time off from work! You'd be surprised how often folks forget this step.
  3. Place all important papers in one place. These should include id's, insurance papers, birth certificates, bank statements, utility bills, etc.
  4. Notify each of these institutions of your new mailing address.
  5. Contact the post office for a change of address. This can be accomplished online as well.
  6. Use this time to cull possessions making donations, selling items, or throwing away unused items.
Though moving has the potential to open new horizons and experiences, stress is inevitable. A little extra planning can make all the difference.